• 07.01Start business as SHINSUNG Resources (Representative: Yong-Suk Kim)
  • 03Became juridical foundation of SHINSUNG Steel Co., Ltd.
  • 08Acquired the Good Recycling Product certification from the Korean agency for technology and standards
  • 04Registered as collaborating company of DAEWOO Heavy Industries & Machinery Ltd.
  • 05Acquired certification for the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards
  • 07Changed company name SHINSUNG Steel Co., Ltd. to S-TEEL Co., Ltd.
  • 02Register as VOLVO Construction KOREA’s collaborating company
  • 10Register as HYUNDAI Heavy industries Co., Ltd.’s collaborating company
  • 11The citation as a good company in practical use of new technology field by the prime minister
  • 03Certified a patent which is the method of making Counter Weight
  • 03Authorized as collaborating company by DOOSAN INFRACORE Co., Ltd superior
  • 05Register as a deal company with Clark Fork-lift and start business
    (Mass Production on Bracket, Axle for forklift)
  • 05Start export to JCB Co., Ltd. UK (Skin Plate, Links for Counter Weight)
  • 05Start delivery of goods to JUNJIN CSM
    (telescopic booms, hydraulic drill Weight, Tank, Basket, Frame etc.)
  • 12Certified a patent which is making tanks for heavy equipment
  • 09Start export to HIDROMEK (Turkey) (Skin Plates for Counter Weight
  • 12Received tower of one million dollar export and Award of a chairman from International Trade Association
  • 05Start mass production on Filling Frame of Telescopic Boom (application for a patent)
  • 12Research & Development Center Established
  • 04Received Hidden Champion Prize from the administrator of SMBA Korea.
  • 07Started operating Gunsan Factory
  • 06Certificated as a Promising Small and Medium Business for export again
  • 07Register a patent of Counter Weight for heavy equipment
  • 08Register a patent of Sub-Frame on construction equipment car
  • 11 Authorized as a superior company growing of co-operatives with DOOSAN INFRACORE Co., Ltd.
    Certified as top 500 vision corporation by Incheon
  • 02Authorized as collaborating company by HITACHI Co., Ltd Japan
  • 03Completion of 2nd factory in Incheon
  • 09Register a patent of traverse painting facilities having hoist hanger
  • 09President Young Suk Kim received bronze top industrial medal (a man of shared growth merit)
  • 11Authorized as superior collaborating company in After Market field by DOOSAN INFRACORE Co., Ltd
  • 06Received a grand prize for revolution activity as Doosan Infracore’s collaborating company
  • 07Started mass production for Doosan Infracore electric excavator (selected by official contractor)
  • 09Started export a end bracket to HITACHI JAPAN
  • 10Improved a proto model for electric golf car (promoted as LPGA champion car parade)
  • 10Selected by leading supplier from Doosan Infracore
  • 02Received an award " The best parner of the year" from Doosan Infracore