Quality/Environmental Policy

Quality Policy
S-TEEL manufacture perfect products with continuous quality improvement and R&D
to meet customer requirements such as quality, price, and delivery.

We make ourselves to be loved, think positive, and produce products
that customer can satisfy and trust.

We make a company culture people-oriented as contribute to nation and society.
Aims to be a leading company for the 21st century based on quality management

S-TEEL have to establish, maintain, develop an efficient quality management system
by reflecting all the requirements of KS A 9001/ISO 9001 in order to achieve
customer satisfaction from quality management activities.

All the organization and personnel of S-TEEL should understand,
implement, and maintain this quality policy.

Environmental Policy
S-TEEL set up our basic policy as environment-friendly management
and operate environmental management system. The purpose is
to minimize bad influences on the environment from all the organizational
activities including manufacture of products and services and to implement
sustainable environmental improvement.
For the above purpose, all the members shall comply with the following.

Shall comply with international conventions, national laws
and regulations related to environment.

Shall set up aims for improving and minimizing the negative environmental impact
in advance, and then review and complement on it consistently.

Environmental policy is consistent with the organization's management policy.
Organization should endeavor for it by education and training to the all members.

Shall disclose the company's environmental policy and objectives to someone who require disclosure about it at any time.